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The planner provides guidance and foundation for all the preparation of your special day. They organize, and assist with the acquisition of facilities, vendors, entertainment, transportation, guest accommodation, equipment, and décor. They attend meetings, manage emails and accounts, protect investments, advise on, and manage the flow of the planning process and many things in between. They are your partner from day-1 until your day is done.

The designer is someone who curates the visual aesthetic from concept to completion for your special event. They incorporate your ideas, individuality, and a touch of imagination to assist with the realization of your visual expectation. From large installations that WOW down to small details that DELIGHT, designers are in charge of executing the overall look and feel of your event.

The coordinator is responsible for logistics, execution, and management of all the moving parts on your event day. They gather the necessary information to assist you, and the selected team of vendors and creatives to run your day in a smooth and timely manner. They are fully equipped with the skill set necessary to handle the responsibility of being the backbone of your entire operation with ease.

The stylist is responsible for expert placement of the design elements on the day of execution. They employ an extremely particular eye for details and adhere to the proper etiquette to style the elements for your event or project. They are consistently working to elevate your vision through intentional individualization and creative imagination.

DO: Take care of the details and logistics, efficiently, curate full design concepts, plan with and manage your event team, and  ultimately make you feel relaxed and in control on your special day.

DON’T: Take over things and make it about ourselves or increase your sense of overwhelm.

Remember: We aren’t another vendor to add to your management load. We are there to remove that load so that you can celebrate life’s best moments effortlessly.

We actually call ourselves “matchmakers” because we help pair you with the team of creative partners that best fit you. If you have been instagram stalking a creative whose work you absolutely LOVE we are great collaborators! But if you need a little help with the search we will match you with the people that make you feel like it was meant to be!

It is our pleasure to offer communication to our clients, virtually, in person, or via paper (for all our people out there who still love to have the physical stuff). Regular communication times for Resonant clients will be agreed upon in consultation. As a client, the Resonant team is available to you for scheduled appointments, calls, video correspondence, and round-the-clock email.

This is dependent upon the level of service/involvement you desire from us however, in the initial stages, we will absorb all of the necessary information from you to operate things efficiently in your stead. From that point we simply involve you in the aspects you enjoy and handle the rest effectively and efficiently; no fuss, no muss.

If you “sigh” when you imagine yourself ending a full workday, only to be bombarded with spreadsheets, RSVPs, meetings, and endless vendor email responses…. You need a planner.

If palettes, linens, lighting, balloons, stationary, floral and other design elements make your head spin with the early stages of “choices overload” …. You need a designer.

If drafting timelines, handling logistics, and the idea of being both director “of” and participator “in” every moment on your special day makes you cringe…. you need a coordinator.

If none of these things resonate with you, you’re a SUPERSTAR and you’ve got this, but maybe you’ll want to chat with us for a bit to make sure you haven’t missed anything. We are more than happy to consult with you whenever you feel the need for some extra advice. 

Great question! That’s hard to say considering a celebration for 75  requires a different scope of commitment than one for 175. However, we generally consult with you individually to understand what assistance you need and then base our fee on the scope of services you will require. To reserve your event date with us, we require a non-refundable retainer of $300 with full investment to be discussed in consultation. In addition, we provide services for special projects, styling, and individual consultations at an hourly fee. We also offer payments in installments for your convenience. Wedding investments begin at 1100+

We are particularly enthralled by events because of the beauty and novelty embodied in moments that cannot be lived again. Children are born once, you only turn 50 once, you can only celebrate this time, THIS WAY once.  

Our design style is tasteful with a touch of natural drama and re-imagined elegance that cultivates real connections through sensational experiences. Think modern yet timeless with a subtle personal texture that can WOW, inspire, and bring you to tears all at once. 

Our approach when implementing planning and logistics is usually to work in “reverse crunch time” to ensure that we complete the heavy lifting rather quickly, so the rest of our journey together feels unhurried and effortless. 

On the day of your event we are both flattered and honored that you have trusted us thus far so we aim to bring the cool, calm, collected energy to your Resonant Celebration and make things flow more seamlessly than you could have imagined.

Currently, a guest count of 175 or less is generally our sweet spot, but a few extra celebrants are just fine with us!

When you partner with Resonant we become your investment protectors.This means  we offer our clients budgeting assistance that we manage on your behalf to allocate and coordinate your spending in the most effective way based on your values. We advise about ways to manage the expense like guest count reduction and research vendor options within your price point according to market value. 

Yes, we can absolutely plan your special event at home base if you live elsewhere or wherever celebration takes you! We are based in central Indiana but our bags are always packed!

We would be more than happy to come into the picture as soon as you will allow us. We believe that a well planned and thoughtfully designed event is where resonant moments happen! To ensure quality of our services, we do suggest some time buffers for booking. Contact us for more information!

To ensure quality of your service experience we do not offer day-of coordination. We do however offer our services in the form of 2-3 months of coordination for your convenience and peace of mind.

When we imagine your special day, we don’t see it packaged into some unmarked box, we see it exploding with incredible creativity, vision, and sensational experiences. So no, we don’t try to fit our clients’ needs and wants into pre-made packaging. Instead, we build services around what is best for each one individually and we are happy to do it.

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