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We are a midwest based, planning and creative design firm. Collaborating with you for all things life, love, and joy.

Why We Do


Our Mission

We intend to expose and take part in the positive impact that celebration and gathering has on the human experience.

We believe that the way we resonate with one another more deeply is through tangible human connections and shared experiences. You + Your People + This Moment In Time is once-in-a-lifetime. We hope to evoke feelings so strong that the connection continues on in two little words…….“remember when.”


What We Do

Resonant intentionally curates spaces, experiences and connections that are sensational. We know it’s worth it to spend our time facilitating purposeful gatherings of all shapes and sizes where everyone can feel connected and alive!

We are a single splash in a giant sea, but we know even a drop can have resounding effects.

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NO guesswork and endless google searches. NO phone tag or constant emails. NO overwhelm or added stress.

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The Process!

How We Do It

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but we LIVE for the ENERGY EXCHANGE. Ours is defined as an overall vibe and attitude of efficiency, joy, and excitement. It’s almost always contagious!

We hold ourselves to a standard and aren’t afraid to be held accountable to that promise. Every single moment we internalize the practice of integrity in all of our interactions according to the principles of the word of God so that we are worthy of your trust….go ahead, hold us to it.     

We are unified in our mission to provide a positive life experience, in process and execution, for all parties involved. We believe that this is only possible through consistently impeccable teamwork, so that is exactly what we aim to deliver.

We promise to always communicate our intentions honestly, specifically, and effectively.

It is our absolute pleasure to re-imagine what creative and logistic elements look like for each moment we create. The vision for the outcome is absolutely attainable…together, we are able to make it happen!

We build every one of our relationships with friends, family, team members, creative partners, clients, and guests, on mutual respect, 100% of the time, no exceptions.

About Me

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Kiona (kee-oh-nah), the creative director at Resonant Celebrations. In a nutshell, I love this profession for four reasons; PEOPLE, PROBLEM SOLVING, IMPACT, and PASTA. 

IMPACTFUL experiences have resounding effects and that is what I aim to create through giving in a big way. 

PROBLEM SOLVING (in my opinion) is the undiscovered love language in which I am fluent. I enjoy combining strategy with imagination to create efficiency in every moment.

Orchestrating history with extraordinary PEOPLE makes it all matter. I hope to facilitate authentic moments of pure joy for you….and always be reminded why I love what I do.

Personally, I am fiercely loyal, a clear communicator, detail-organized, reasonably particular, and a lifelong child of God who loves to laugh. If you’re wondering about that fourth thing, well… I just really love PASTA so I didn’t want to leave that point out! Until we meet, stay interesting, be free, and make pasta, not problems (it’s more enjoyable anyway).

-Kiona M.

Kiona Mallory, Owner
Thanks to you we were able to fully enjoy our wedding day"
Resonant Bride

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The Team

 We are excited to spotlight some of the dynamic women behind every moment at Resonant Celebrations. Be on the lookout for introductions!

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“…to always be reminded why I love what I do…”

Kiona M.

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